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AllocationMaster Image AllocationMaster™. Turn your investment recommendations into positive actions. Transform client contacts into long-term relationships. Separate your value-added services from those of your competitors.

AllocationMaster asset allocation software will set you apart. It provides all of the capabilities you need to handle the client's most basic needs and, at the same time, deal with the most complex high net worth portfolios.

In 1992, we developed AllocationMaster with a single goal: To help investment advisors provide the best guidance to their clients. Asset allocation is regarded as the single most important investment decision most clients will ever face. The outcome of this decision will impact their future financial security.

To make better decisions requires powerful analytical tools, in a highly usable format. AllocationMaster is the result of a series of technological innovations. In 1991, it was the first Microsoft® Windows™-based asset allocation software for PC's. For the past fifteen years, many other valuable capabilities have been introduced in our innovative program of scheduled quarterly releases. Today, AllocationMaster helps more than 20,000 investment advisors at hundreds of major financial services companies determine the portfolio design for millions of clients.

Leading the way. AllocationMaster was first program to fully-integrate tax analysis into the portfolio optimization algorithm. It was the first to combine asset allocation and financial forecasting in one easy-to-use program. It introduced Product Implementation within asset allocation software. And, recently, the innovative AssetFinder™ Asset Classification Software was added to AllocationMaster.

AllocationMaster was originally based on portfolio analysis concepts used by large endowment and pension funds. The ideas encompassed by Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) were adapted to the needs of the investment advisors and the retail investor. We provide advanced technology that is constantly changing to meet the ever-evolving needs of investment advisors.

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