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Support Image AllocationMaster is much than just software. It is a complete service that includes the across-the-board support you need to get the most out its use.

Client Services.
AllocationMaster includes telephone support from our knowledgeable team of experts. They can be reached at 646-445-1004 during our normal business hours on Monday-Friday, 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Mountain time (except stock market holidays). Questions can also be sent by E-mail to Please provide us with your Software Registration Number on any communications.

On-Line Help System.
An extensive on-line Help system can be accessed at any point in AllocationMaster by simply pressing the F1 key. The information that appears is context-sensitive to the field being queried. Under the Help menu, there is a full Table of Contents and cross-reference search capability.

Read-Me Installation File.
Following installation of the quarterly software update, a file will appear that describes the important changes that appear in the latest version of AllocationMaster. Please read this file before proceeding to use the new version. This file also contains explanations of the recent changes that are specific to each custom edition of AllocationMaster.

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